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Extreme popularity in any field is always spawning an extreme amount of clones, whether the field is art, technology, or science. The Aviator game is no stranger to that phenomenon and its popularity brought us an infinite number of copycats or at least games inspired by it. Some don’t bring any new features apart from visuals, but some offer some additional components that can help some types of players to achieve bigger success. We will try to make your search easier by finding the most innovative Aviator-inspired games and presenting you with their features, and you will make a decision if it’s worth switching to them.
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Top 6 Aviator Game Alternatives

The top 6 Aviator game alternatives are something that is very hard to choose, simply because just the amount of games in existence is incredible. Almost every casino has its own take on the Aviator game but most of them are just absolute clones of the original. We tested many and we settled for these 6, and also we advise you not to experiment with clones that are not very popular or well-known. For popular ones, RTP and fairness of the multiplier choosing is guaranteed by big companies that make them and also by big casinos, while for obscure clones that exist in just one casino, nobody can guarantee you fairness.

  • Space XY
  • Spaceman
  • JetX
  • Lucky Jet
  • Zeppelin
  • RocketOn


Space XY

Space XY is created by BGaming company, and it features a little glowing rocket on its way about to explode. Your goal is to leave the rocket before the rocket explodes and to cash out your profit. A great additional thing is that the rocket is becoming redder as the multiplier grows, so you don’t need to pay attention to numbers but can focus on your cash-out button and follow the color with peripheral sight. Also, developers claim very high RTP between 96.88% and 98.92%. Reaching 98.92% return on the money is among the highest ones in this field.


Spaceman is a PragmaticPlay creation and as its main advantage developers claim a unique feature of 50% cashout. The game follows a little astronaut and your goal is to cash out before his flight stops. 50% cashout is opening you many new possibilities because you can do it on both bets you can place. That makes it possible to make many mathematical calculations and since you basically can do the cashout 4 times in one flight you can maybe find your way of securing and covering the stakes with 50% cashout and hunt some bigger profits with the rest of the money.

The developer also claims an RTP of 96.5, which is just slightly lower than the Aviator and shouldn’t make much impact on your winnings. Also, the maximum winning is 500000$, but you should take it with a grain of salt because the maximum always depends on the casino and their allowed maximum. Stakes are similar to Aviator ones and are in a range of 0.10$ to 100$ while the maximal multipliers that the game will drop are way lower than Aviator and are in the range from 1.00 to 5000.00.


JetX by SmartSoft Gaming is a retro-styled game that would appeal to older players and revive their nostalgic feelings. Making simple and retro graphics has its advantages because it makes the game run much smoother than Spaceman for example, which has unnecessarily detailed graphics. One of the interesting features for players who like high stakes is that JetX allows for stakes in the range from 0.10$ to 300$ while the maximum in Aviator is 100$. Other stuff in the game is roughly similar to Aviator, RTP is again 97% like in most of these games. Other features like live chat, top players, and recent gaming statistics are largely similar as well.

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is probably the freshest Aviator alternative and is made by an equally fresh new company Gaming Corps. The main advantage, and anyway most important for games like these, is the RTP of 98.3% which is incredibly high, while still slightly lower than Space XY’s maximum RTP of 98.92%. Still Lucky Jet has a constantly high RTP while we don’t know in which situations Space XY has their minimal RTP of 96.88% and in which they have a maximum of 98.92%.

For those that don’t like to sit for long periods in front of the screen, and are anyway just following some fixed strategy, Lucky Jet offers the possibility of making the whole process automatic through the options of Automatic Entry and Automatic Withdrawal. With those, the game will automatically always bet the next round and cash your money out on previously decided multipliers.


Zeppelin by the company Betsolutions is probably the simplest Aviator alternative that we came across. It is not only graphically simple but also the gameplay is much simpler, with the possibility of placing only one bet on one zeppelin flight. That makes it perfect for some groups of players, for example, newbies will find this simple surrounding much more appealing because fewer things will distract them and they will be able to test their skills and think of new strategies before they move to more complex versions of the game.

Its simple graphics also makes this game perfect for those with slower connections or slower machines because this game is most likely to run on every possible phone or PC. But surprisingly for this simple game, they also made one very advanced option of automatic play when you are away from the screen. The game also can be set upon reaching some maximal loss you set up, which will make it impossible to bust your whole bankroll while you are away. Also, you can set up the desired winning amount and the game will again stop upon reaching it.


RocketOn is another fresh game from the company Digitain, and this fact is also obvious when you see its graphics. This is the first time someone decided to make a crash casino game with such realistic graphics. Maybe that doesn’t improve your winning amounts, but sometimes players need visually appealing games as well, and not only high winnings. Luckily they didn’t make any compromise in creating this game so the RTP is still 97%, and the multipliers are made in a fair way using a random number generator.

Also, they decided to include all of the improvements that already appeared in the other games, like automatic joining the next round and the automatic cash out. They also added an x2 button next to the space where you input the stakes, which is an awesome idea since it will be often used by players that decide to use the Martingale strategy.

Why Are Aviator and Similar Games so Popular?

The main reason for the popularity of this type of game is their simplicity and very fair distribution of winnings. Most of the games in this list allow players to verify the way the multipliers are created by sharing the code strings for each round. Players can download the code and analyze it if they don’t trust the fairness of the game. Another big advantage is a steep learning curve for new players, after just a few rounds everyone will be able to get a hang of it and to play it like any other experienced player.

That also helps a lot that players feel safer right from the start, because they won’t make many mistakes due to inexperience and therefore they won’t lose money even in the early periods of their playing. The last advantage is that this game will also attract many players that like sports betting but are too impatient to wait for the games to finish to see their results. Here the rounds are super quick and you see the results of your bet in a matter of minutes.